This collection is all about summer and feeling confident in your own skin regardless of shape, size, or looks. It features different types of outfits, including swimwear, dresses if you want to party, and some sets for any occasion whether you want to go to a festival or just a day out. 

You might have some questions about how it will work however some information will be found below and on other pages. 


Question 2

How will my order work?

Since the patterned lycra is ordered from other small businesses, this can take a couple of weeks to receive this fabric from them. This means if you are wanting a piece made from this fabric, it may take a while to arrive. I estimate around 1-2 weeks for the fabric shipment meaning that your order will probably arrive within 3-4 weeks from the order date as long as the fabric shipments are on time. 

If your order only consists of plain pieces, this should only take 1-2 weeks from the order date as usually, plain fabric is in stock of large amounts. 


Question 4

What about if I need custom sizing?

This is perfectly fine and normal, since the orders are made to order it means that I just need to adjust the sizing on the patterns. This will just take extra time but will add a better fit!

Question 1

The fabrics and gorgeous patterns? How will they work

Each item will be available to be made in the different types of lycra, this is because since its the same type of fabric, the shape and size of the garment will stay the same. Fabric options will be grouped for example a piece might be called "Print Cycling Shorts" or "Print Tankini". For a plain item it would just be named plain. The prints are ordered in from other small businesses, more info about this below. 


Question 3

What about if I have a large order?

If you have a larger order of 4 or more items, this will take a lot longer to complete, in this case, expect an extra week onto order time however this shouldn't take so long.

Also if your order is custom sizing, this can take even longer as with the large order I will need to spend time ensuring your products will fit based on the measurements you have given. 

Large orders will be sent with Dpd rather than Royal Mail Tracked48.